Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Sporting week continues today with this picture of a Bowling Alley. The picture was taken in 1910. You can see that this was before the days of automated lanes, so each lane had a young kid at the end to set up the pins. I can remember being in bowling alleys in Mexico when I was young where this sort of setup was still used.


  1. A very unique photo. I love the little sling shot device they must have used to return the ball to the bowler. When I was young one still had to compute your own score, which was always a mystery to me. Now even that is done for you at automatic lanes.
    -Anne K.

  2. When I was a kid (about 11, or12), I use to be a pin setter. We would do it for a nickel a game. So during a league game we could make a whole $1.50 for about 2 hours of work. One kid would take care of two lanes and it was all manual labor, nothing was powered other than by Armstrong.
    My Dad wasn't really poor, just really cheap. It was the only way I could get any spending money. All my chores at home were expected to be done without any allowance.

  3. i set pins in 195?? when i was in the navy


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