Thursday, October 24, 2013

Train Ride

Today's picture shows a group of people relaxing with a nice ride on a model train. I really love these old Live Steam model trains. You still see them at amusement parks. Some people do these things as a hobby and have train tracks and a steam train like this on their property. Looking at the picture, it is amazing how many people this little locomotive is pulling.


  1. Wonderful! What an amazing little train. And, a terrific photograph.

  2. Nice. Do you know the year? Looks like around the turn of the century again.
    In MI here we have a similar train called the White Creek Railroad. It is 1:8 scale and there are ~5 miles of track laid on 120 acres of private property. A couple times a year they host a gathering and folks come from all over the midwest with their engines and cars. We've visited twice and you'd think it would be rather silly, grown men
    "playing" trains. But it is quite fun riding as the track goes around lakes, through woods, has wooden trestles, sidings, signals, etc. Most of the engines are not steam.
    -Anne K.

  3. U Tube has some wonderful videos of miniature steam trains from national and regional meets. With a good head of steam the number of drive wheels is the limitinf factor in pulling capacity.

  4. Line Creek Railroad is right up the street from me. What a blast it (still) is.


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