Monday, October 14, 2013

Slopping Hogs

Today's picture is from 1939, and it shows a man slopping the hogs. This means he is feeding the hogs. I actually had a pig growing up as an FFA project. I found the pig to be very smart . . . probably smarter than most dogs. I wonder why pigs have never become a popular pet? 


  1. Because, when they sit around the house, they sit AROUND the house. Also, they scare the neighbors if they are really big.

  2. Pigs ... Can they be trained to, well, do their business on a fixed spot? I remember visiting relatives in the country as a kid. Always fun to feed the chickens, collect eggs, etc. But the pigs I did not like, too strong a smell to them ...

  3. Pigs aren't a popular pet because they are PIGS! Except for Arnold of course.

    1. One of the funniest episodes of Green Acres was when Arnold wrote his own name.

  4. I also believe the reason PIGS are not so popular is because of their smell. Actually, the smell of their solid waste, to be precise. Large pig farms can generally be located by following the smell upwind for 2 or 3 miles.

    One pig probably wouldn't be so bad...but still ... I'm just sayin' ....

  5. Pigs are extremely intelligent, and could probably be housebroken. (If you can litter-train a rabbit, you ought to be able to housebreak a pig!) I think the problem is that most people still think of pigs as food, and we have a natural disgust for eating our pets.

  6. at 6 months they can weigh 300 pounds, and are ready for market. few sows last to be 3 years. short life. for a pet?

  7. Pigs are indeed smart. Much smarter than dogs and cats. I think the problem with pigs as pets is that they never seem to stop growing. In 6 mos they can be 250 lbs. After a couple of years a pig can reach 900 lbs or more. And they eat accordingly.

    How would you like a 600 lb hog running down the hall and leaping into your lap on the couch?

    - feeblemind

    Nebraska USA


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