Thursday, October 3, 2013


Law Enforcement Week would not be complete without a picture of some Texas Rangers. This is a pretty amazing photograph, and I love the hats and weaponry. Enjoy!


  1. It is interesting how little men's clothing has changed in the last hundred years or so compared with women's clothes.
    These gentlemen would not look too terribly out of place today, but not so for women of the same era.

  2. Nice guns, boots, hats and mustaches. Great photo!
    Interesting comment, Myrtle. I agree.
    -Anne K.

  3. Movie costume designers don't know that every man, in anything but the most genteel of situations, would always carry a knife. Not for defense, necessarily, but for all the useful needs of daily life.

  4. Now these were the type of tough lawmen needed back in the day. I think we could use them now without most the restrictions faced by the modern-day Rangers They did a lot of "head knockin'" back then that helped the lawbreakers understand the error of their ways..

  5. Sue, my husband was given a pocket knife for his 14th birthday, and still carries it; he'll be 70 the end of November. Cutting apples, snipping threads, cleaning his nails, tightening screws - I hate to ask what all he does with it! I *think* that even in what you call gentile situations, a good knife was used to trim cigars. One reason he doesn't like to fly is that he'd have to leave it home.

    1. Just put it into your checked baggage.

  6. dont think I would want to mess with these the spanish influence in the hats, waist high revolvers...colt peacemakers from the looks of the bullets in the belt, and the pants inside the boots! Nice pic...


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