Monday, October 21, 2013

Pony Rides

What better form of recreation could there possibly be for a child than Pony Rides? I wonder what percentage of today's youth has ever been able to experience a bonafide Pony Ride? My guess would be well under 10%. Today's picture was taken around 1900.

Now, as far as yesterday' picture and the topic of Public Swimming Pools. Some appear to take comfort in the fact that there is Chlorine in the water. I am sorry, to me, that does not negate the underlying cesspool nature of the water. You simply have a cesspool with extra ingredients. If you add kool aid to potty water, I am still not drinking it.


  1. Regarding your concerns about public pools - the water is constantly being recirculated and filtered, and yes, there's plenty of chlorine. I don't know if it's true, but as kids we were told that if we peed in the pool the water around us would turn bright blue and everybody had to get out while the pool was cleaned. Don't know it was true, but most of us didn't want to risk it!

  2. What a fun photo. Agreed, few kids today have grown up riding like in the past.
    Back to the chlorine issue...I agree with Lady Anne, public pools are monitored daily and chlorine levels are maintained to kill bacteria. If people were getting ill from public swimming, the pools would not remain open. I'm sure it is not a perfect system and some pools are better monitored than others. That being said, I like swimming in lakes as well since you don't have the chlorine smell residue. But don't think a lake is devoid of bacteria either. Not to mention algae, microorganisms, protozoa, etc. I had a Limnology class in college and some of the life forms we observed in our microscopes in different water samples was eye opening. Made me wonder about all those accidental mouthfuls of Lake Michigan I swallowed as a kid! LOL
    -Anne K.

  3. Regarding yesterday's blog, I would have no problem swimming in a properly maintained private household pool. This is because the owner controls the type and number of swimmers and normally, the number of swimmers is low compared to the amount of water. Swim in a crowded pool like the one in the picture, no way!

    I guess we partially agree, PJM

  4. Unfortunately insurance rates have driven hack barns and pony ride vendors out of business.

  5. Before swimming in any river make sure the local State fishing and wildlife authority does not ban the eating of fish taken from that river.


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