Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fetching Water

Today's picture shows a chore from bygone days we hardly even think about any more . . . fetching water. Free flowing clean water is one of the modern conveniences we take for granted. I have visited parts of Africa where people spend half their day gathering and bringing the water that they need to survive.


  1. Indeed. Our well has been out for various reasons- lightening strikes, earthquake, very inconvenient to say the least.
    At least we have a swimming pool to use for toilet water. Well companies are very prompt when one's well is out. Such a blessing.

  2. Interesting photo; I wish I could see who is standing behind the horse.
    I once heard a story of a grandmother and her granddaughter who were working in the kitchen together. The grandma asked the granddaughter if she could have only ONE modern convenience, which would she choose. The granddaughter pondered and decided either her refrigerator or her stove. When the granddaughter asked her grandma which modern convenience she would choose she replied, "Running water!"
    -Anne K.


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