Sunday, October 13, 2013

Feeding Chickens

Today's picture shows the chore of feeding the chickens. I love this picture, because one of my chores around here is taking care of the chickens. It is actually something I really enjoy. Each chicken has its own unique personality. It is funny to watch them as you can almost always predict what any given chicken is going to do. The chickens are very friendly and sociable animals, require much less work than a dog, and provide wonderful free range eggs.

I have enjoyed reading about your chores, and hope you will continue to share more information about your chores, past and present.


OK, the lovely Mrs. PJM and myself have just passed an important milestone . . . it has been one year since we threw the TV out of the house. So, one year of peace and quiet, with no TV. So, you might ask, did we miss it? To be honest, not at all. There was not that much that we really watched, but I am a little bit of a news junkie, so the TV was always on. Then in the evening, whether we were watching it or not, it was always on.

So, why did we do such a counter-cultural thing as rebel against the norms of society and give the TV the boot? Well, I guess I would explain it this way . . . for my wife and I, it was sort of a matter of conscience. I am not saying where we felt led is the answer for everyone, but it was sure what was on our hearts.

How many of us that are people of faith regularly pray that God would protect our homes, that he would build a hedge of protection around our homes and our families, and that he would provide for our needs? Lets say God hears and answers those prayers. After he builds a hedge of protection around our home, what do we then do. We call the cable guy who comes out, drills a big hole through that hedge, and brings a wire into our home that spews out all manner of filth. So much of the stuff on TV celebrates, promotes, and encourages the things God hates. Even if you watch something as harmless of the cooking shows, you end up being exposed to all manner of vile images in the advertisements. Our cable bill was about $90 a month. Knowing the great need that exists in Africa, we decided that the money could be better spent caring for poor and orphaned children. The $90 is enough to care for three or four children. It feels good going to bed at night knowing that there are little bellies out there going to bed full because we threw the tube out.

So, like I say, I do not expect others to agree with me, but will say we have really enjoyed the year of peace and quiet, and I can not imagine every having a TV in the house again.


  1. I haven't gone to the extreme of tossing out our TVs, but I no longer watch them. (my wife would be upset to say the least)

    I got tired of all the trash that is broadcast as "entertainment".

    I will admit to occasionally watching our local weather forecast, but for most of my news I check internet sources.

    I much prefer a good book to all the trash shows. Even some of the cooking shows are terrible.

    I'm also a Broadcast Engineer. I work for our local ABC affiliate.

  2. Kudos to you guys and your TV ban! We are talking about a similar idea, but get stuck on how to get sports.

  3. Sports is not aloud on my TV. I watch the news & weather. There is too much unnecessary sexually activity on a lot of the shows. They would still have a good story with out going adding it. Doesn't leave much to the imagination.

  4. I loved feeding chickens!

    You are right about Christians praying for God’s protection and a hedge about their families and then letting in the wolf via the TV.
    Seeing that trash on TV makes you less sensitive to the horribleness of sin.
    We got rid of our TV many years ago and have found many other things to do.
    It amazes me how people will let the most vulgar stuff in their living room on TV but wouldn't let such language be heard in their house or such things to be done.

  5. We gotta keep ours. Am addicted to the science channel and the history channel. Network TV, where most of the garbage is, we never watch, except for maybe the occasional football game.

  6. Ah, feeding the chickens, a fun chore if there was one. I always enjoy checking on "my girls." We got 8 new layers this spring and are now getting eggs every day. We have one curious hen that has decided to lay her pale green eggs in our old stroller in the garage. : )
    Kudos to you and your wife on ditching the tube! I agree with everything you said. We watch very little and mostly PBS. I'm not sure we could get rid of it at this point, but the viewing is closely monitored. All our kids like to read.
    -Anne K.

  7. The only "television" we watch is streaming Netflix, although we do have satellite so our son can watch Disney, etc. I haven't watched television programs, sports, weather, news, or anything else in several years. I feel much less tension as a result. Oh, and I don't read newspapers either.

  8. Same here: Netflix gets us cartoons for the younglings plus the occasional series and movies. But no cable, just over-the-air broadcasts, which we don't care for most of the time. I wish I could subscribe to just a few BBC channels thou. Good documentaries and news ...

  9. "....blow up your TV, throw away your paper, move to the country, build you a home; plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches, and try to find Jesus, on your own..." from a song by John Prine

  10. Here in the Midwest we have started receiving a new TV channel called "ME TV" (ME stands for Memorable Entertainment) featuring TV shows from the 1950's-1970's. It is based in Chicago. This morning I watched Leave It to Beaver and Daniel Boone. It was great.

  11. Congratulations, I admire your self discipline. It takes a strong committment to throw out the TV. I confess I've not done so, primarily because my wife does enjoy her home and garden programs. Also, I do like to watch some of the more interesting documentaries and an occassional DVD.

  12. We cut the cable at our house a few years ago. My fiance and I do not miss it. We have Netflix as well, which lets in all the content we could wish for, as well as a Roku. We do get over the air broadcasts and mainly watch PBS. There are 4 PBS channels in our area, and we love Nova and Nature, and America's Test Kitchen. I'm sure I could live without it, but we really enjoy it. When we go visit my parents or friends, and they're watching some horrible "redneck" or "cajun" or "rich housewives" or "tattoos" or some other random crap show, it kind of blows our minds. Why spend your good money on that?

  13. Totally forgot, the whole point I meant to post was that here in San Antonio, we get ME TV too. I love it! Especially the I love Lucy marathons on the weekends.

  14. I have not had cable for over ten years. We do watch Packer games and a couple select evening shows using the antenna, but that is all, except for Netflix. I can't imagine paying a cable bill. What a waste! Thanks for the reminder about praying for protection when so often we are providing the very means of attack !


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