Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Early Days

Talk about the early days of the space program, it does not get much earlier than this. This is a picture of Robert Goddard towing one of his rockets to a launch site near Roswell, NM. Back in the day, Goddard was considered somewhat of a kook, and few people took him seriously. Today, he is remembered as the father of modern rocketry.


  1. Unfortunately the Germans took him seriously...I am really enjoying space week. As a boy in the 60s, I was enthralled by everything coming out of I am retired and living in Florida not far from the Kennedy Space Center...

  2. The Germans during WWII (to be fair, the Nazis) were the first to take rocket technology seriously. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for them some of the very scientists who would have helped to advance their program had been expelled from their homeland for the simple reason that they were Jewish. It is the one instance in world history where bigotry ultimately benefitted mankind. Had Hitler perfected this technology during WWII there is no hesitation that he would have used it.

  3. What a juxtaposition of eras! The Model T (maybe) and a rocket!


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