Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bat Masterson

We have been looking at people this week that outlived their times. An excellent example is Bat Masterson pictured above. He was a notorious buffalo hunter, frontier lawman, and gambler. He lived on into the 1920's and ended up being a sports writer for a New York newspaper. 


  1. His appearance reminds me a little of J. Edgar Hoover.

    What a life he had!

  2. I believe that is Bat Masterson.

  3. I loved the TV show theme, "Back when the West was very young, there lived a man named Masterson....", great show.

  4. Wow, I wouldn't have pegged that for Masterson!

    It must have been odd for men famous for a time that seemed long ago even while they lived, to be living in another era. In reality, it wasn't that much prior to the later time period, but it seems like it.


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