Monday, October 28, 2013

Alan Shepard

Alan Shepard was the first American in space. This is a picture of him on the deck of the carrier USS Lake Champlain after he was recovered from the water following the mission. The flight took place on May 5, 1961. The flight lasted about 15 minutes, was suborbital and achieved an altitude of about 50 miles.

As I look at these pictures, I keep being reminded of the excitement of the early days of the space program. Unfortunately, there are no analogous "Big Deal" projects like that any more. 


  1. The Mercury/Apollo astronauts were true heroes who exhibited an enormous amt. of bravery. Each basically put himself atop a huge firework and was sent into previously unchartered territory.
    When Pres. Kennedy drew the line in the sand by declaring the US would land a man on the moon before the decade was over the technology truly wasn't even close to that acheivement.
    Yet, in those few years American ingenuity, know how accomplished this feat which was seemingly impossible only a few years prior.
    We all know the old cliche' "If they can put a man on the moon then why....".
    Well, surely we can solve so many problems of today since we solved that one so quickly.
    I still have faith in the American spirit.

  2. Maybe NASA should run Obamacare.

  3. I remember, as a 10 year old, getting up in the wee hours to watch this launch (California time)...If you ever get the chance to see a real Mercury capsule do it...I saw Alan Shepard's a few years ago at Annapolis. It's amazing how small they are...Brave Men all!


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