Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On the Range

Today's picture is a great scene of Cowboys roping a buffalo out on the open range. This picture is well worth zooming in on and looking at the incredible detail of the cowboys and their gear. The picture was taken in about 1890.


  1. Nice composition on that photo. I wonder what their plans were for that bison?
    -Anne K.

    1. They're going to kill it and eat it.

  2. I noticed the boot covers on the cowboy to the right and it reminded me of my dad pointing out a field of what the locals called "steel grass" (Hill Country, TX). He told us that it could wear through the bottom of stirrups in no time if it wasn't kept mowed.

  3. And if you will noticed that the cowboys are all wearing the pistols.
    Makes a person wonder if this was a staged photo, with the cowboys all dressed in their full get up.
    But a cowboy would wear his pistol when on the open range, for shooting rattle snake and other such critters.

  4. Those are some real working horses. I especially like the white one on the right. It has the broad rear stance with the front legs a little together. This is the formula for strength with the maneuverability needed to face down a bull or buffalo.

    Great picture, PJM!

  5. I've said this before but pics like this make me wonder what is there now. Is there a road running through there? or maybe it's still an open range? Maybe there is a big store plunked down right where the cowboys are. I love studying the before and after, it amazes me. I saw a pic of a an old clock tower face being renovated the other day and compared it to a picture 130 years back when they dedicated the clock and started it for the first time. Makes you feel like a time traveller. It's very cool. If I were a history teacher and wanted to motivate kids I think before and after photos would really capture their attention and imagination.

  6. Looks like they've got a "bull by the horns". What's the next move?


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