Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hoeing Cotton

Today's picture shows a woman hoeing cotton in Louisiana. Again, I am sure a very hot and humid day, and a very hard job. I am curious how many people in this country today have actually ever had to work for an entire day in a manual labor job in the sun? Fewer and fewer are capable of enduring this type of work.


  1. Not my idea of fun, but if I had to I would.

    We had an old dog that used to accompany us when we went outside; she would help us do the garden work. We would be in the hot sun and she would be watching us from the shade. I'm sure she was laughing.

  2. I'm wondering if either today's picture or the one from yesterday are posed. Neither person looks sunburned and weathered from doing this sort of work. Hoeing cotton without work gloves? No wrinkles in her face?

    1. You are 100% right Lady Anne.
      No sweat. No dirt...come on...

  3. Possibly a larger number than you would expect, because there are still a pretty high number of older folks that were raised up working outside before everyone moved inside to do paper work and management.

  4. I agree with Lady Anne. I grew up in Mississippi, not having to work like this, but well aware of the heat and humidity. I cannot imagine anyone looking as clean, dry, and fresh looking as these two working in the fields. We worked in the family garden, early as possible in the mornings, and in no time were covered in sweat that soon had dirt mixed in it.

  5. I don't see any cotton!

  6. I agree, PJM. Trying to not generalize as I know people who do physical work outside daily, but I believe we are gradually becoming a nation of softies with our climate controlled environments. I know how my kids respond when I ask them to help hoe the vegetable garden for an hour.
    -Anne K.

  7. I remember when I was working road construction one day we were repaving an intersection. It was 104 degrees F and sunny and the pavement we were laying was 160 F, and it took all day. I was using a rake to spread the pavement.

    That was a hot day.

  8. She ain't even sweating.
    And I used to do concrete all day long in the hot sun, every day...
    And brother, let me tell you, it wasn't no picnic.
    These kids today would drop over dead.


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