Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fire Truck

This is a picture of a very early fire truck. The picture was taken in 1911, when motorized vehicles were still pretty much of a novelty. What I find interesting about the picture is that I don't really see fire hoses, ladders, or muh equipment. It appears the truck was primarily used to take fire fighters to the fire.


  1. Perhaps they used another truck for the equipment.

  2. I like how the wood plank was necessary because the curbs weren't even designed for autos yet.

  3. lots to see of interest here: 2 spare tires, boy in "suit" watching - love his knickers, man in back still putting on his "jacket", right hand drive (when did we switch to left hand), bells both at back and in front, and early extinguishers at the very back....

    Great photo...

  4. I think that these guys are on their way to a parade ...not a fire.......they would not take the time to pose for a photo if they had someplace (a fire) to go to.


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