Friday, September 27, 2013

Fire Department

Today's picture shows a fire engine from the York, Pennsylvania fire department. The picture was taken in 1911. I find it interesting that in most cases the old fire pumps are pulled by three white horses. I wonder if white horses was some sort of fire fighter tradition.


  1. It looks to me like this is the same machine and horses that were pictured earlier this week. It is certainly the same type machine if not the exact same - add the horses, and my money is on the same machine and horses in a static picture as the running picture earlier.

    1. Nope not the same...different harnesses, different hitch and different fire wagon. Maybe the fire wagon was made by the same company but it has some different equipment on it.

  2. So far, no pictures of Dalmatians on any of this old fire apparatus. Maybe all of the pictures I have seen of them on old fire engines were just posed.


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