Monday, September 30, 2013

Deputy Sheriff

Today we feature a picture of the Deputy Sheriff from Mogollon, New Mexico. He is the first officer of our series to actually have his gun showing. To me, it looks like a Colt peacemaker.


  1. Nicely tooled holster. Too bad we can't see the belt. I think you are correct about the peacemaker, PJM

  2. He looks like he means business.

  3. Starting tomorrow it will be even harder to buy a hand gun in my state. Too bad.

    1. That is too bad.
      It's not the guns which are bought legally that are used in crimes.
      You could make it imposible for someone to legally purchase a gun....but guess what, anyone who wants one as a "throw-away"...will always be able to get one.
      These laws are not protecting anyone.
      If you want crime rates to drop....what you need to to give everyone a gun.
      If a criminal knows that everyone in a town owns a gun....he is going to be a lot less likely to go commit a crime there.


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