Friday, September 13, 2013

Christoval Cowboys

Of all the cowboy pictures I have been able to find, this one comes the closest the iconic Hollywood image of the Old West town and cowboys. The picture has Western hats, Lariats, Chaps, Spurs, Bandanas and Gloves. I love how the women are riding side-saddle, but are wearing six shooters. The picture is from my very own little home town of Christoval, Texas, and it was taken about 1900. How I wish I could not more of the story of the people in the picture.


  1. Nice shot and I noticed the sidesaddle women with their sidearms as well. I wonder if it was a fashion statement to pins their hat brims back, making them less efficient at blocking the sun? The women do appear geared up to do some roping.
    Great week PJM.
    -Anne K.

  2. The lady on the left looks as if she might be Black, or perhaps Mexican. Very interesting, considering the time period and the area.


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