Monday, August 5, 2013

Wing Walkers

Back in the early days of aviation an interesting career emerged of Wing Walking. That was where a pilot or passenger of a biplane would leave the safe confines of the cockpit and walk around on the wing, sometimes doing other stunts while on the wing. In the early days they did not wear a parachute, and had no other forms of safety gear or harnesses. Pictured above is Gladys Ingle, one of the most fearless of  the wing walkers. In this photograph she  is preparing to transfer in midair from the wing  of one airplane to another. Below is a short video clip of her taking a wheel up and repairing a disabled plane in flight.

Interestingly, Gladys lived to the ripe old age of 82, and died in 1981. Wow, would it not have been interesting to get to sit down and talk to her in her old age?


  1. Wow, very neat photo. One would have to have NO fear of heights to do those maneuvers. Great video clip, too. Did Gladys ever write an autobiography?
    -Anne K.

  2. I have this picture in my head of someone meeting an 80 year old woman, thinking what a sweet old lady, while she is remembering stepping from one airplane to another with no parachute... What a story she could tell! Thanks once again PJM.

  3. Oh wow, and it is only Monday; this week is going to be a wild ride, no pun intended :)


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