Saturday, August 17, 2013


You requested Outhouse Week, and Outhouse Week you will get! We start with this fascinating image of a double level outhouse. I will start by saying I have dibs on the upper level unit. Just eyeballing this design, and have some serious concerns about the lower level of the unit.


  1. I've seen one of those double decker outhouses at Heritage Park in Calgary Alberta.

    I concur... dibs on the upper throne!

    Graham in St. John's

  2. As late as the 1980's in our area one would still see outhouses in backyards (though of course they were not in operation). All types, but never saw one like this. A double decker< Wow!
    Family must have had a lot of members...or perhaps it was an industrial site.

  3. My guess is that the upper chamber is the functional on. The lower door may lead to a clean out access. In any event, I wouldn't want to open the lower door.

    This could be an early master eu suite (?) bath system serving the master of the house and his wife. Good picture, PJM

  4. I would have to think there was some sort of chamber constructed to carry the waste down to the lower level. But dibs too on the top floor just in case! LOL
    In our rural area there are still old outhouses standing in some back yards.
    -Anne K.

  5. In England we have out houses too, Oh you mean out side TOILETS!

  6. I can remember as late as 1970 one of my mother's cousins had an outhouse, hand pump water and no electricity. Their extended family owned a lot of land and ran lots of cattle. Just not much cash money.

  7. I'm thinkin' the upper level is for gov't bureaucrats and the lower level is for the taxpayers.

  8. The upper level probably served the second floor of the house to eliminate going up and down stairs to use during the night, assuming the bedrooms were upstairs.


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