Thursday, August 15, 2013


Slum Week continues with this backyard picture in Washington DC in 1935, complete with an outhouse. The picture was taken in 1935, and it was not unusual for people to still rely on outhouses at that time. Actually this yard is fairly neat compared to some of the pictures we have looked at.


  1. Outhouses - now there is a topic worthy of discussion.

    My favorite outhouse story happened in the early 50's. My Grandparents, my mother, my aunts, and me drove out to western Nebraska to visit with my grandmother's brother and his scandalously young wife. When it came time to use the facilities, my grandmother went to the outhouse...the only facility available. She was a big woman and when she stepped into the outhouse, the floor gave way, landing her in deep doo-doo up to her mid thighs. She stood there laughing herself silly! Nothing hurt but a little pride.

    It took some doing but they were able to extricate her from her predicament and then the fireworks started. Uncle Irvin's young wife laid into him with a tongue lashing you wouldnt believe. Seems the floor had been groaning for some time and she had been after him to get it fixed. And now look what had happened because he had ignored her!

    I am happy to say everyone survived the day, including Uncle Irvin...and I think he had the floor repaired with Grandpa's help before they got Grandma cleaned up!

    What a day!!!!

  2. My story is not so funny. I started school in 1941, to a very country school house. The out-houses was about 50 yards out back of the school house, one for boys , one for girls. They were two or three seaters, that had covers with springs on them. I was so afraid I would fall in, that I would hold it in until I couldn't. Then I'd wet my pants. The teacher said she would spank me if it happened again. Of-course it happened again the next day. This went on for several weeks. Every other day I got a spanking, every other day a promise of one.
    It wasn't that I was not used to out houses, I was small for my age, and I was deathly afraid I'd fall in that one. You can't imagine what was down in that deep hole.

  3. I think we have a new theme here. Out House week on OPD. Read the comments with an empty stomach. As for Michaels Grandma, I'm sure she is a lovely lady but the best I could do would be to throw her a rope from a safe distance. Sorry Grandma but your on your own now. I'd probably borrow Uncle Irvin's trailer as well because Grandma is not sitting in the car with me on the way home.

    1. Well, I was too young to remember how they actually got her out - but I do know she was hosed off and nice and clean on the ride home.

  4. RE: DAVE: Outhouse week! A grand idea!!! How about it PJM????

  5. SOrry to hear that GG_MA - Teachers were assholes back then - even in my day in the 70's. My grandparents had an outside 'dunny' and our house had the toilet on the porch, so you still had to go outside. At night I was too scared to go out so I used to pee in the bathtub lol


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