Sunday, August 18, 2013

Outhouse of the Rich and Famous

As you look through pictures of outhouses, most have a very common design. This one is different, and much fancier than what you typically see. This must represent the outdoor toilet of someone important. My guess is that it matches the architecture of the main home.


  1. Wow! A double door? One wonders if each door conceals a double seater?

    When I was a kid, I was always terrified a spider or other nefarious critter would bite my bare bottom as I proceeded with my business.

    And, it was difficult to read in the dark.

    1. Michael, I have heard that the Black Widow spider got its name because spiders would frequently build webs under the seats of outhouses. Men, with their dangly bits, were more apt to get bitten than women. Wiser folks used a take a stick and give the hole a couple of swooshes to make sure all the webs were gone before they sat down.

  2. Our biffy wasn't quite as fancy as the ones you've shown. But it was a two-holer. Quite a few Halloween tricks played on outhouses back in the day.

  3. Appears to be the house of a Judge -

  4. In 1974 I went to Orient, Colorado, way up on the side of a mountain and around lots of areas that had hot springs. There was a 'two-holer' outhouse that had just one door way up there. As you sat there, you could leave the door open and gaze out to see an incredible vista. Locals told me Oriental people lived there mostly in the late 1800's, and they used the hot springs to wash dirty laundry for local miners.

  5. Now that's a sharp-looking outhouse. It even has a window for side ventilation.
    -Anne K.

  6. I like the roof.

    Why all the mess around it?

    The tree in front is in an odd location.


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