Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mississippi Mansion

This is a very grand and stately mansion located in Adams County, Mississippi. I like the huge columns, porch, and balcony. I wonder if the smaller house in the back is the servants quarters?


  1. There are columns on the east side of the Natchez Trace not too far north of Natchez that are worth seeing before they are gone. This was a huge home maybe 3 or 4 levels and the Mississippi was in view at that time. I think there may be a painting of this home.

  2. I believe that this class of homes were designed so that the servants quarters were not visible from the front. That may be the mother-in-law's house or a guest house (or the place to put a shiftless brother-in-law.)

    1. That was my thought too. Servants' quarters would be waaaay in the back.

  3. Beautiful house! That smaller house to the left looks alot bigger than my house and in much better shape. Although, I wouldn't trade bringing up 3 kids in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, Split. Or as some say, a Raised Ranch. It's not the house that makes it a home.

  4. Too much house for me. Too much house work to do to keep it clean. But then again, If I could afford a house that big, I guess I would be able to hire a lot of someones to clean it.

  5. In the older mansions, the cook house/kitchen was a separate building. This may have been a cook house.

  6. It could be the Dower house, although usually they are placed a little further away from the main house. My family owns a house in Shreveport which is a dower house off of a plantation. Of course now it is surrounded by freeways, and industrial buildings and other homes. The main plantation home is about a mile away and makes their house seem tiny, although it isn't.


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