Thursday, August 8, 2013


Houdini is remembered as an Escape Artist more than a Daredevil, but his stunts were very risky. In this picture from 1912, he was handcuffed, chained, put in a crate, which was chained, and then lowered into New York Harbor. He successfully escaped and emerged at the surface of the water. A number of people since his time have died trying to do some of his stunts. Houdini died from complications of being punched in the stomach when he was not expecting it.


  1. This has been an interesting week, PJM. I had to comment on today's photo since my father was an amateur magician and Harry Houdini was one of his idols. Houdini was a household name in my childhood so I am familiar with his face and life story.
    I love the boaters on the men!
    -Anne K.

  2. Today just getting into the water would probably be considered a daredevil stunt...


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