Monday, August 12, 2013

DC Slums

Today's Slum picture is from 1935, and shows a decaying area of Washington DC. 

I was curious if anyone has been to Detroit recently. I have heard it has become almost a wasteland with half the street lights and traffic lights not working. It is hard to tell what is going on by looking at pictures on the internet, because you cannot get a perspective on how widespread the rot is. I mean, you could just be taking lots of pictures of a couple of blocks in bad shape. Does anyone live nearby that could shed light on the present state of decay in Detroit?


  1. Did you want to be a Fireman when you grew up? Watch this documentary about Detroit firefighters and their city.

  2. I don't live near Detriot, but I do live near Washington DC.

    The slums are bad there, dirty, filthy things. Rats are a serious problem. Most of the inhabitants of these slums are and have been on the government dole all their lives as their parents and grandparents before them. They feel entitled for the government to pay for everything as well as give them spending money. If something is broken or dirty or needs picked up it is somebody else's problem. But there is plenty of money for cell phones, huge TV's, fancy cars, gambling on dog fights, booze, drugs, prostitutes and any other vice you can think of.

    Work was given to man by a loving God to keep him out of trouble. People who don't work for a living degrade into a moral mess. Idle hands are the Devil's workshop.

    Christians should help the needy, but only the truly needy.

    1. I could not have said it any better Myrtle.
      You have expressed my sentiments exactly.
      I have been all through DC, and much of it is deplorable.
      ironically, within site of the capital.

  3. Myrtle, I think I would change that last line to; "Christian's should help those who are willing to help themselves."

    Our nation some how has created a level of society that thrives on entitlement. It is not a race thing, it is not a republican or democratic thing, it just is what it is. We all know it exists, yet it seems as though everyone is so busy trying to figure out whose fault it is, they forgot that the most important task is how to fix it. And how do you fix it? How do you help those who have no desire to do anything for themselves, change their way of thinking?

    I don't have the answer. I hope that someday some one does find the answer because the mentality is spreading, and will be the down fall of our nation.

  4. Poverty=slums. Why are people in poverty? For many reasons, some of them social, some economic. Others are in this state of affairs because that's what they know because it has been an ongoing life situation for them since the day they were born. Depression and acceptance of that have become a way of life because they know no other.
    To help these people one must first realize and accept that not all people are the same and they can't be broad brushed with the same problems nor the same remedies.
    I was brought up in a poor family in a part of town no one ventured into after the sun set. My 'friends' as a child became murderers and thieves. I had one advantage they didn't have, strict parents and in particular a strict grandmother who kept me on the straight and narrow. Others did not have this. It's not that I didn't get into trouble, I did. I stole from one store and felt guilty for years about it and returned one day and paid the man plus interest. I had been given a conscience by my elders. Others I grew up with, like one fellow, he stole a pack of cigarettes for his father and when he got the pack home his father beat him because he had stolen the wrong brand. That boy, now a man, is in jail for murder. My point is, the children who will become adults are the product most often of the parents and their environment around them. If you want to change the future, start by helping the children.
    People need work, and not just any work but good jobs that pay well enough to see a future for the individual and their families. With this comes pride and hope. This brings me to one of the real problems in my view. Manufacturing has gone overseas and down south where cheap labour and in some cases slave labour can be paid so that the rich who live in the USA can make even more money. If you want to blame someone, follow the money. Bring good jobs back and let people have the opportunity once again to have pride in what they do and pride in themselves.
    I now have two businesses, one for nearly 30 years, and employees. Several of them were poor, no future and I took them in and gave them jobs and taught them a trade. Forget about schooling, if you want to learn, I'll teach you. That's the way it use to be and that's the way that still works. They now have homes and families and contribute to society. We can sit around and talk about poverty forever, but it takes actually doing something about it to get it done.

  5. It has to start in the home. If parents don't care their children probably won't. The Government can't fix it, job opportunities won't fix it,entitlement programs won't fix it. All those can help, but they will not cure the problem. Being poor is no excuse for living in filth. You can take pride in doing the best you can with what you have.

  6. Danny has it right. Quick antidote... A friend and his wife rented a small 1 bedroom apartment as cheap as they could get, in a crappy section of the city so they could save enough to buy a house. In an attempt to beautify what is otherwise a miserable looking area his wife planted a little tiny garden in the 3 x 5 foot plott of land on the side of the triple decker. Then she planted pretty flowers all around and set up a sandbox for their 2 year old. A little while latter the flowers were trampled, the veges in the garden were smooshed on the sidewalk and the sand box had cig. butts and cans thrown in it. She cried her eyes out. If your brought up right you don't do things like that. My ole man caught me carving my initials in a pinic table at the park once and let me have it. I'll never forget him yelling at me saying, "This park belongs to everyone, do you think people want to sit here with their families and see your graphiti?" Back to the original story... The good news is my friend and his little family saved even harder so they got out of the city and bought a house in the country.

  7. West Robinwood St. Detroit is just a sampling of the blight in Detroit You can cruise the city with Google Street View:,-72.702171&sspn=0.003871,0.008583&vpsrc=6&t=h&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=E+Robinwood+St,+Detroit,+Michigan

  8. Morning,

    I live near Detroit. I travel through the city daily. Downtown Detroit is okay but I never travel outside the city. The neighborhoods can be very run down and overgrown, looks terrible. I feel its not safe to stop at a gas station in some areas. I think the area can be cleaned up with the right people running the city. I think the news makes it out to be worse than it actually is. You just have to know what areas to stay out of !

  9. I worked in law enforcement for over 32 years as a street cop just outside Chicago, and recently retired.
    I have arrested people who were the 4th generation of welfare recipients.
    They have absolutely no desire to improve themselves or take responsibility for their situations.
    It is beyond despicable.
    Sad really.

  10. I thought that Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton instituted a "welfare to work" program. At least that's what Newt was bragging about when he ran for President last year. Guess he was lying.

  11. A couple of years ago, I took Amtrak from Chicago to Detroit (actually Royal Oak). The train goes through some very bad areas of Chicago, but nothing compares to the blocks and blocks of vacant land in Detroit. The impression that I had of a couple areas was, "this must be how Detroit looked when they first put in streets and sidewalks before any houses were built." And that's what it looks like. You see a lone house in the midst of vacant lots, finished streets, sidewalks. It is amazing.

    At the risk of angering some, the problem with our society is that we are far too generous to those who refuse to help themselves. People are quick to blame others for their problems, while accepting handouts with no expectation of being required to do something in return. In the depths of the Depression, people were put to work in exchange for government assistance, but apparently we can't do that today.

  12. Imagine the smell. Great shot - thanks for sharing. Wouldn't want to be walking around there at night.

  13. I will state something unpopular here: what I see is a "pleasure-seeking society" in which the favorite activity is having sex and not planning for a family and children. The whole society is based on sexual activity -- just look at TV shows and commercials. This is a leftover from the "glorious" 1960s. There is no respect for women and no desire to live beyond immediate gratification. Destroyed families lead to destroyed cities. Ugliness is worshipped and beauty is hated. Just look at the state of popular music, for example. Anything sweet and beautiful is reviled.


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