Monday, August 19, 2013


In my mind I have a picture of a classic "Old School" outhouse, but funny thing is that I am having trouble finding a picture of it. This is about as close as I can find. A classic outhouse should have a slant roof, simple, unpainted vertical boards making up the body of the structure, and some sort of vent in the roof. This picture has those characteristics. In my mind though, the outhouse should have a vent cut in the side that is a moon shape and then beside it a star. Don't know how that got started, but many outhouses have moons and stars cut through the wood for ventilation. Also, in the back there should be a hinged door to enable easy cleaning.


  1. Ah, the Gems of American Arhitecture comes to mind.

    Still no conventional model with moon vents, but quite a few other variants.

  2. In September 1954, we went to my grandparents one weekend to clean-up and paint their house, getting it ready for their 50th anniversary. I was having an asthma attack and was a little jittery. It was late at night, I needed to go to the toilet.
    Around about that time, Pete the Python, had escaped from the Fort Worth Zoo. He had been on the crawl for 23 days.
    There was a large Black Walnut tree out beside the out-house. As I sat there trying to get enough strength to get up, a walnut fell onto the roof of the outhouse. Scared me so bad, I thought Pete the Python had got me.

  3. The moon and star origin peaked my interest. They say it was a Pagen sign, moon for woman and star for man. Laddies room and mens room. I imagine the moon and star together meant coed. Todays picture is like folk art. The rickety, leaning outhouse in the high wild grass.

  4. You heard the one about OLE. He was at a bar and when used the 4 seat out house. he accidentally dropped a fifty cents piece down the hole. He then took out his wallet and took a twenty dollar bill and threw it down the hole also. Another person using the house asked why he threw a $20.00 bill down the hole. OLE replied that he had dropped a fifty cents piece down there, and if he was going to retrieve it he was going to make it worth his while .

    1. Ah....memories...corn cobs and all.

      Grandpa Vern

  5. I think that the cut-outs weren't only for ventilation, but to allow a little "moonlight" in....while maintaining some modesty, so that it wasn't pitch black in there if you didn't have your lantern with you.


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