Sunday, August 4, 2013

Balancing Act

I guess one way people have always used to seek fame and fortune is to take insane risks, and if you survive, you can achieve some degree of money and notoriety. This guy, J. Reynolds did it by precariously balancing on stacks of furniture high in the air on the corners of sky scrapers. Not sure how long he survived doing this, but no matter how skilled you are, this is simply needlessly risky.


OK, I know lots of you have been waiting for a domestic update, so here goes. Since I teach school, I have been off work for most of the summer, I have spent the time working outside trying to improve our yard and property. I have also spent lots of time visiting (via Skype) and encouraging the lovely Ms. EAM who continues her work in East Africa. Ms. EAM is a registered nurse, turned missionary. She lives is a remote area, and her ministry is to disciple young people, and to train people up in solid Biblical foundations. She teaches Bible Foundation courses in different remote areas which she travels to throughout the week.

One of the cultural things in the area she works is that people do not value things that are "free". So, whatever she does, she charges some nominal amount for. So, if there is a book that goes with a class she is teaching, and the book cost $10, she will buy the books, and she will charge the people in the class maybe 50 cents or a dollar for the book. She is charging not to raise money, but so that the people she is teaching will will hold what she is doing as precious. Well, recently she went to class, and one guy comes up and wants to pay with a chicken. An indigenous person she was working with then jumps in, picks up the chicken to weigh it, and then the negotiation begins on how many classes the chicken would pay for. Bottom line is that the lovely Ms. EAM ended up with a Lap Chicken she had to carry around with her for the rest of the day. Luckily the fine skills she learned growing up around Chickie Town allowed her to get home safely with the chicken still in good health and spirit.

The funny thing is that word quickly got out that the while girl would accept payment in chicken, and so now, chicken payment is about to become the norm for her. Below, she had to ride down a mountain on the back of a pickie-pickie while holding a chicken and trying to not fall off the back of the skooter.

Anyway, things continue to stay busy and always interesting for her. She is training a group of 20 people on sharing the gospel and teaching core Bible truths. This group of 20 is going out into remote schools and teaching what they learn from her. Then she disciples a number of youth each week as well. Between her, and the 20 people she is training, they are reaching over 1000 young people each week with the Gospel and foundational truths of the Bible.  So, I am excited to see the work she is doing, and the lives that are being impacted through her work.


  1. God bless her! People like her don't get enough credit for the wonderful work they do.

    Graham in St. John's
    (thanks for the update!)

  2. Thank for the update.
    Pretty soon she will be getting more eggs than you.
    Have you had a dry hot summer in Texas this year/
    Did I read someplace that you got rid of the peacocks?
    How is your greenhouse doing this year?

  3. You have a wonderful daughter. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Blessings to your daughter for all the people she is touching with her life. Thanks for sharing an update.
    -Anne K.
    p.s. We got day old chicks earlier this spring and are eagerly awaiting eggs but that probably won't be until Sept. :)

  5. Goodness. I didn't realize that your daughter was in Africa. I thought she was in the United States. Good for her. Really had to chuckle about the chicken(s). Does she live someplace where she can keep chickens?

    Thanks for the update.

  6. Many blessings to your daughter...I can't wait to see all the precious ones standing beside her in Heaven, saying, "I'm here because she cared."


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