Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wilhelm Rontgen

Today we feature genius Wilhelm Rontgen, who is remembered for discovering x-rays. He was the first to produce x-rays, and to detect them. This work led to the development of practical medical x-ray imaging. X-ray imaging is one of the most important medical developments of the last 150 years, because it allowed doctors to see what was going on underneath the skin.


  1. I looked at this and thought, I know about this guy, but I couldn't connect until I remembered that I have always seen the name spelled Roentgen. After a quick check with the Great God Google, both spellings are correct, but without the "e", there should be two little dots above the "o". After all that, PJM, how about a domestic update to let us know how things are going in the great state of Texas.

  2. I am used to the other spelling as well.

    How is Texas, other than hot and dry?


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