Saturday, July 13, 2013

Woman Aviator

Welcome to Aviator Week! We will be looking at pictures from the early days of aviation. We start with this picture of  Helene Dutrieu. She was one of the very first women pilots. She flew an airplane as early as 1908. In 1910, she became one of the first women pilots to carry a passenger. Interestingly, she lived all the way to 1961, so she enjoyed both a long and adventurous life.


  1. People who lived from the late nineteenth or early twentieth century to the mid-twentieth century certainly saw a lot of change during their lives.From horse and buggy days to air travel.

  2. OMG she was probably the very first person to fly in heels, too. Pretty neat.

  3. Great shot, love it!
    -Anne K.


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