Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This picture shows Navajo Weavers. You can see that they are making an intricate blanket. It also looks like the little girl is holding a lamb. A thing that strikes me about this picture is how finely adorned the people are . . . all wearing nice clothes, jewelry and Concho Belts. Perhaps the Navajo adjusted into an artisan lifestyle that worked well for them.


  1. It is a beautiful picture, back when people dressed more nicely.
    That animal might be a goat.

  2. The heavy silver belts and other items were every day wear years ago.

  3. But then again, they could have goten dressed up some for the photo shoot.

  4. I've really enjoyed your posts. I did some teaching at Yavapai College in Prescott, AZ and had many Navajo, Hop, and Zuni students. I spent much time on the reservations and in the four corners area. The people and their areas have always intrigued me. Keep up the good work.


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