Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stringing Bow

Navajo Week continues with this picture of a young Navajo man stringing his bow. The picture was taken in about 1913 somewhere in the Southwest.


  1. In the year 1913, did the American Indians still live and dress in this fashion or is the picture staged?

  2. Compared to yesterday's picture, this is not Navajo finery. Maybe it's working attire? Seems to be a big cliff behind the guy, yet he is very well illuminated. Seems to be south of the cliff, and it is almost noon. Was this photo taken through a telephoto lens, perhaps? Are his arrows and quiver on the ground out of view? I wonder how they made their bowstrings: I bet they were animal sinew based. I also bet that this fellow's cardiovascular system was in excellent shape.

  3. Judging from this tamed example of the species one can only wonder what fine shape the true never seen a white man warriors were like?


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