Saturday, July 6, 2013

Navajo Weavers

Welcome to Navajo Week here at OPOD. I so much enjoyed some of the pictures last week of the Navajo Jewelry makers, I thought this week we would explore the Navajo in a little more depth. The picture above shows women making blankets. Notice how the woman has her baby propped up right there by the weaving loom. Also notice the sheep and goats behind the loom. It looks like this is a full operation going all the way from shearing to finished blankets.


  1. It looks like it would be a lot of hard work with such a primitive loom. And wouldn't their work be subject to the elements being done outside? And babies are usually happiest being near their moms. ;)
    -Anne K.

  2. In that part of The four state area back then the weather was fairly constant. Also in that time notice the women's faces. They are very thin because of their diet. When I go back out there now 70 years later their diet is different and it is easy to see. It was always strange to see a very young child with their flocks of sheep with no one else in sight for miles but they were there. At that time the young girls would be dressed in heavy velvet and most of the time would be wearing silver jewelry. I always liked it on the reservation at that time but I did not have to live there.

  3. Are all of the Navajo photos by Edward Curtis?


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