Friday, July 19, 2013

Harriet Quimby

Today's picture shows one of the pioneering women in flight. The picture is of Harriet Quimby in he airplane. The picture was taken in 1911. Harriet was the first woman to fly over the English Channel.


  1. Boy, now there is a bare-bones airframe. Consider that all the tensioning wires inside the frame have to be carefully tensioned for the plane not fall apart even sitting on the ground. Additionally, if the turnbuckles were not wired. they needed to be adjusted quite often to keep stresses as low as possible.

    The plane was also extremely cold in winter and in fall, the bugs in the air smacked her in the face and eyes at lower altitudes. Yes, pilots of the day were tough people. Miss Quimby looks very warmly dressed in this picture.

  2. That chair she is sitting on does not look all that comfortable.

  3. I would fly with her anywhere... except I would respectfully ask her to wear googles and maybe supply me with a life perserver...

  4. That is quite a contraption!


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