Saturday, July 27, 2013

Abraham Lincoln and Tad

One of the interesting things I find in studying history is that many people that we consider Giants and Geniuses were not recognized or appreciated by their own generation. It is like some people are so far ahead of everyone else, that it takes a generation or two for people to appreciate what a person was doing or saying. Many of these people died alone and penniless. This week we will be looking at these people who were not fully appreciated by their own generation.

We start with Abraham Lincoln. Many people consider Lincoln one of our greatest presidents, but he enjoyed little popular support when he lived. I found it interesting reading an article about him in a large newspaper at the time of his death. The article said of Lincoln, "Posterity will see in him a greater man than his contemporaries can acknowledge".

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  1. He certainly accomplished a lot- not all of it good either, like the trampling of our Constitution which helped to spawn today's overly obtrusive federal government.


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