Monday, June 24, 2013

Waffle House

We continue our look at roadside eateries today with this picture of the Two Girls Waffle House. The picture was taken around 1900 in Anchorage Alaska. Hard to imagine that you could get fresh waffles in Anchorage at this time.


  1. A neat photo. I wonder what these two ladies story was? Were they widows who set up shop to earn a living? And what is the woman on the left holding up? A waffle? ;)
    -Anne K.

  2. Can you be certain that "waffles" was their business?

    It wouldn't be difficult to make fresh waffles in Alaska. An iron with batter is all it takes anywhere.

  3. I love waffles and I would have definately eaten here had I had the chance. Who pass up waffles served by two beauties like these?

  4. I like waffles and the two ladies look like great cooks!


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