Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Valdez, Alaska

Today's picture shows a Roadhouse outside of Valdez, Alaska. The picture was taken in about 1900. Lots of interesting details if you zoom in and look at the various people in the picture.


  1. Nice photo. I wonder why the large group of Native Alaskans were at the roadhouse? (plus 4 dogs) I always try to zoom in on your photos so not to miss something. Keep them coming!
    -Anne K.

  2. They've got snowshoes, and there is no snow, I guess they are prepared.

    I had a dog once that looked like the dark one sitting in front of the kid on the chair and the snowshoe. He came from the SPCA. The vet thought he was a Keeshound and Border Collie mix. He was an excellent herd dog.

  3. When I took a second look at the snowshoes, I noticed each is behind a chair. Are they forming the back of the chair? Perhaps an early form of camp furniture? I can certainly see something like that be sold now as part of cabin furniture.

  4. Apparently it was the day Gabby Hayes stopped by.

  5. They are definitely not snow shoes, the framing is wrong and they are filled in with a skin or hyde....and no straps to tie them on.
    I think that they were just chair backs.
    And as for all of the various people there....having a photo taken then was a big deal. The guy taking the photo may have been the only guy with a camera that passed through there that year.
    There was probably a big shout out to everyone in the area...."Hey come get in this here photograph".


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