Thursday, June 27, 2013

Roadhouse on the Yukon River

Today's picture shows Haly's Roadhouse on the Yukon River in Alaska. The roadhouse is the log cabin looking structure in the center of the picture. The picture was taken around 1900.


  1. Neat photo and I really like the grand two story house in the background.
    -Anne K.

  2. Such a cool picture. Looks like the start-up of a little town. You have your restaurant, a couple of little streets, with empty lots waiting to be built upon. This would be a great picture to compare against what it looks like today. Wish I knew the exact location.

  3. Small slope on the roof, I guess they shovelled snow off it.

  4. Almost looks like someone has settled there, gotten a little prosperous and built a big house, and turned the original log house into the roadhouse to bring in a little extra income, or maybe to give someone in the family an employment opportunity.

    1. Or what if Ole Man Haly got rich enough off his Road House that he was able to build the big house for himself. It doesn't look like Haly's has much competition and I'm sure when guests came in to eat, they were VERY HUNGRY! Next road house 200 miles!

  5. This is a good picture showing the beginnings of a town. I wonder where the photographer was situated to be elevated. On another building? It would be interesting to have a series of photos as the photographer turned 360 degrees. Thanks again PJM!


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