Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Making Chocolate Candy

This is another picture from the chocolate factory we looked at yesterday. This picture shows some sort of machine that looks like it might cut up and wrap the chocolate. 

I have been enjoying the comments and being reminded of good candy bars I have had in my life. In almost all cases, I would rather have a good old standard candy bar from the store than those fancy chocolates people sometimes give you in boxes. In almost all cases I think the Hershey bars are better chocolate than those chocolate pieces with sweet flavored syrup in the middle.


  1. I haven't seen any comments about stick candy. When I was young my grandmother always kept several flavors around. One of my favorites was horehound. It is hard to find now except in specialty shops.

  2. Like Danny I like horehound.
    I also love Hershey's Candy bars.
    As part of the old commercial went Hershey's the great American Chocolate bar.

  3. While a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal, Cadbury chocolate bars imported from India could only be found during the cooler season. My parents did send me a care package with some Hershey bars made for tropical climates. All tasted so good my mouth would hurt when eating them.

  4. Our coach in high school used to say Hershey's was the best. He was (still is, far as I know) a tough customer, but had a soft side too...I recall reading that for years and years Hershey refused to advertise; their policy was to let the quality of their product speak for itself...Even though I lived in Pennsylvania for a couple of years, I never made it to Hershey for the tour of their shop. Heard wonderful things about it though.
    Hershey's for chocolate. I also used to like watermelon candy and button candy and candy cigarettes. Not to mention root beer Kool-Aid (wish I could still get that) and chocolate sodas. But I'd prefer Hershey's over any of those.

  5. Interesting contraption.

    I agree about the fancy boxed chocolates, with one exception, last Christmas we had some hand made Belgium chocolates in a box- heavenly!

  6. Like Kraft changing the Miracle Whip recipe, and Frito Lay changing the Cheetos recipe, Hershey changed the milk chocolate recipe of their candy bars. I still dislike the new taste. I try to stay away from milk chocolate anyway, and steer towards dark.

  7. If you ever go to a candy shop in a tourist town (like Gatlinburg, TN or Savannah, GA), you'll see the taffy-making machines in action. You can also watch the metal machine in the picture above cut and roll the taffies. It hasn't changed in 100 years.


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