Friday, June 21, 2013

Drill Bit

Today's picture shows roughnecks getting ready to change the drill bit. You can see that the drill stem they are working on has the drill bit connected to the bottom of it. This means that this is the very lower piece of drill stem. You can see the other pieces of drill stem racked up just behind them. This would indicate that they have just "Come Out of the Hole". This is a process where each segment of drill stem is brought out and disconnected. Coming Out of the Hole is one of the toughest job on the rig, as you have to make connection after connection in rapid succession. Then, after changing the bit, you have to put it all back together.


  1. I don't know what these men were paid, but they certainly earned every single cent.

  2. What a tremendous amount of work.
    The both have hats.


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