Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cigar Factory

Today we have a photograph of a Cigar Factory in Havana, Cuba. Wow, I am surprised by how small their work space is. I would have thought they would have each needed more counter space,  but I am sure they knew what they were doing. Ah yes, good old cuban cigars. Hope we can legally get them here some day.


  1. I always pictured the reader as being at the front. Sitting up high in the middle makes more sense.

  2. Also wondering if the 'rollers' knew a picture was going to be taken so they dressed up for it. Can't imagine that's how they normally worked. The different hats are great! Thanks for the picture!

  3. Dressing up for work used to be pretty common in some countries. Back in the day, like the 70's, my father visited Spain and was impressed that even the street sweepers wore nice shirts and ties.

  4. Men wearing hats indoors? Is that not considered rude in the Cuban culture?

    What is even more odd is that the rolling stations seem to be numbered from back to front.

  5. The questions that a picture can raise! Who are the people along the side - some sort of tour group? I can hear the women - "We're going to visit what kind of factory?!!" And why is Waldo raising his hand? To be seen? To be excused? Enquiring minds want to know!

  6. My, what a small wall-less cube these are. I wonder how our employees would like them.


  7. I hate cigars! ugg!

  8. I think that the people along the side are Americans, there for the $.10 tour. They probably received a free cigar on the way out...thats why there are so many people there.
    And the wives were brought along so that the husbands could get their cegar.
    Just a thought.
    Have a nice weekend folks.

  9. I heard a long time ago that someone gave copies of the Communist Manifesto to readers in cigar factories such as the one pictured and that's how communism was introduced to the workers and it also had a role in the later formation of labor unions. Not sure if that is true, might make a nice research project for someone. Maybe they should have read the Bible to them instead.

    1. That looks as if it is a newspaper being read. Keeping up with the news and keeping up with your work. Not a bad idea.


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