Sunday, June 2, 2013


Havana Week continues here at OPOD with this picture of a horse drawn cart. The picture was taken on a street in Havana in 1900. 

So we got some interesting comments yesterday related to the political situation between US and Cuba. I am not up on all the details of issues, but I do know that I enjoy a good cigar. I will smoke maybe two or three cigars a year, so I don't smoke that many, but I do know that the Cuban cigars are the best. They have a very distinct flavor different from all others. It is a shame we can not get them here, and my Cuban smoking is limited to the times I am out of the country. Lift the Embargo! Let us have good Cuban Cigars in this country!


  1. One would think that after more than 50 years of policy failure the politicians would try something different.

  2. My dad smoked a cigar or a pipe for about 27 years - from the time he joined the Navy until my middle daughter was about two. (I think the reason I never had any desire to smoke was that I cut my teeth on my father's pipes.) We were in a restaurant one evening, and he was enjoying a cigar, when he suddenly took a good look at it, announced "I'm not going to support that man any longer" (meaning Castro), ground it out in the ashtray and never looked back.

    I do agree with Danny - a different approach might be a good idea.


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