Saturday, May 4, 2013

Short Order Cook

Welcome to Short Order Cook Week here at OPOD. We start with this fine example from around 1900. The picture was taken in Constantinople and shows a street cafe where food is prepared over a small wood-fueled grill. I note with interest that you still see street vendors like this in many places in the world. In Africa, scenes like this are still the norm. The bread in the foreground of the picture is called "Chapati". It is grilled in an oily skilled and served hot. WOW is it good. One piece of Chapati is a meal. 


  1. Can't have anything like that here. Too many layers of bureaucracy looking out for our "welfare".

  2. Heh, looks like that guy on the right is checking his iPad.

    And, is that a goat (bottom left)?

  3. that guy sitting in the background cross legged makes my knees and legs sore.


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