Tuesday, May 7, 2013

San Francisco

Today's picture was taken in 1906, after the earthquake and fire in San Francisco. These people are cooking in the streets presumably because of the damage. It is interesting that even in the midst of the disaster  they all appear to be well dressed and groomed.


  1. Yes, beautiful clothing.
    People these days are such slobs. I have been to some weddings with some guests in old faded jeans and polo shirts.
    They looked more like they were going to do yard work than go to a wedding.

  2. They say the sloppy dres is a product of the changing youth culture. If it were only clothes, I could manage it, but the youth (as a whole) have changed to loud-talking, irreverent, rude with no sense of values. A young man said "yessir" the other day and it floored me so badly, I forgot what we were talking about. Additionally, they seem to have no respect for us older people and barely recognize our existance.

    Sounds a lttle harsh doesn't it. I have just returned from a trip to downtown Austin, Texas and have not settled down from the assalt by the new generation of 20 - 30 year-olds.

    It may not be a bad as I describe where you live because, when I go back to West Texas, there are still a number youngsters that have the makings of mature and polite society. Hope the kids having children will continue to be so or get msrried, discipline their children and teach them to watchout for the old folks.

  3. looks like good use of the coal bucket to carry their supplies

  4. My father was only 5 years old in 1906, and he and his family lived in south Texas. Yet, he remembered vividly how all the churches in Kingsville brought blankets and clothing to the train station to send off to San Francisco to help out.

    I suspect that one reason the SF earthquake survivors looked so well dressed is that there was no casual clothing at that time. As for me, I love my soft knit tops and the heck with corsets!

    1. can you imagine doing any sort of chores with a corset? no wonder they died young.

  5. my father's mother was born (1898)and raised in pt. richmond. she said she remembered seeing the fire across the bay.

  6. Am I the only one who noticed the horse just standing there untethered on the other side of the road?


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