Thursday, May 9, 2013

Migrant Worker Camp

Today's picture is from a migrant workers camp in Texas during the Great Depression. A woman can be seen cooking from the back of a wagon. It looks to be the back end of a truck, converted into some sort of Chuck Wagon type structure.


  1. What a wonderful photo. My grandmother existed like this for a long time. She baked the most delicious baking powder biscuits. All of the ingredients except the milk was kept mixed up in a big pan. When it was biscuit making time, she poured the milk in the pan and mixed up a batch of biscuit dough. Amazing.

    1. When I was in junior high school we had required cooking class for girls. The first we learned was how to make "baking mix" which was supposed to save time as you explain. I'm Japanese and had never eaten a biscuit. The whole thing made no sense to me. Save time for what?

  2. I really admire the resourcefulness of the people back then.

  3. Very interesting picture. Looks like they have been there a while based on the amount of trash around the area. I think that is a trailer that may or may not be attached to a vehicle (Maybe why they have been there so long).Note that the lady is barefoot. I don't see any first aid kit for use in case she stepped on a piece of glass.

    Using innovation, they have set up a clothes line to dry their clothes after washing them in the bowl on the ground. I would not like to live this way but seeing this helps me understand why, in later decades, these were different people than most in their frugality and outlook on life.

  4. When I saw she was sifting flour I thought "baking powder biscuits" too. Great photo. I love her bare feet.
    -Anne K.

  5. I love these old 'camping' pictures. Do you have any with trailers and if so can I 'borrow' them to make a post on my blog? Can I use this one? If you click on my name you will see my profile and find my email...thanks.

    I check in almost every day and study all these wonderful pictures, up close.

  6. Oh she really had quite a set up going there. Much neater than many of the migrant camps and photos ala Grapes of Wrath


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