Monday, May 20, 2013

Indian Couple

Today we have another splendid photochrom print. The photograph was taken in 1899 and it shows an Indian man and his wife. The man's name was Pee Viggi. His wife's name is not recorded.


  1. What beautiful clothing!

  2. A handsome couple. I like their clothing as well. I wonder what the three medals (?) are that the man is wearing?
    -Anne K.

  3. Do you have any other info on this picture, such as where taken or which Native American group they were from?

  4. I think if you will look closer, the photo shows two men. Breastplate, hairstyle (over the ears, Southern Plains women wore braids behind ears), clothing style, arm bands, etc. illustrate the one on the right is male. And obviously, so is the one on the left. Really enjoy your posts - no criticism intended, just interested discussion! Deb

    1. I'm sorry, but you're wrong.
      "Pee Viggi and squaw" is a picture conserved in the Library of Congress. Unknown photographer.
      They are Ute Indians.

      But I must say that's difficult to recognize the man and the wife.

      One thing I can say: they seem to be sad ... it was not a good time for the Native Peoples .

    2. These are 2 men, obviously.


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