Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hopi Indian Woman

Today's picture was taken in about 1900, and it shows a woman carrying a bundle. The woman is from the Hopi Indians. The picture was taken in Arizona. Again, this looks like a very tough area to be a farmer.


  1. Looks like the only successful crop would be dust.

  2. A splendid, artistic photograph. Do you have any information about the artist/photographer?

  3. Her feet look misshapen. Her left pinky toe is way back on the side of her foot. Think that's from a lifetime of walking barefoot?

  4. From what I saw from the Hopi ruins in Mesa, they had a great network of canals to aide in their farming endeavors. Funny thing about that area, if you can get water to it, you can grow just about anything.

    1. Sure wasn't like that up on Second Mesa. Corn planted with a stick and hoped they got rainfall.


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