Friday, April 26, 2013

Street Tailor

We wrap up New Orleans Week with this picture of a Street Tailor. It was taken in 1935. It seems that sewing is rapidly becoming a lost art. It is funny, though, that in Africa street tailors are still a common sight. People set up pedal sewing machines on the street in town, and will do simple mending or hemming jobs for anyone who will bring them work.


  1. Seems strange to see a man doing what is generally considered to be a woman's job, but I guess the this was a financial issue rather than one dealing with right to work laws (non-existent in 1935). Good picture.

  2. It is not so much becoming a lost art, as it is becoming too expensive. You can buy a new pair of pants for the cost of replacing a zipper, or having a pair hemmed to the correct length.

  3. wonder if that was an old "singer" sewing machine? I dont see any name on it.

  4. In the city's you used to have alot of men tailors. My next door neighbor was a tailor in the garmet district in Boston for 50 years. Tailoring isn't as expensive as one may think. I got my pants let out for a suit I have for 8 bucks. The tailor told me he wouldn't be able to let out the waist line anymore so I'd better not gain anymore weight or pony up the money for a new suit.

  5. Tailoring and sewing are two different things.

    Sewing is becoming very expensive, unless the fabric, patterns etc are on sale , you can buy premade garments cheaper.
    The exception is speciality garments, like clothing for
    historical re-enactments.

    I like to sew.


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