Thursday, April 18, 2013

Silver Springs, Florida

I hope you all are enjoying these Florida Swamp pictures this week as much as I am. I think this is one of our  best series in recent memory. Today's picture is another great one on this theme. The picture was taken near Silver Springs, Florida. I love the old riverboats, and if you zoom in, you can see a steam locomotive and passenger train in the background. Would have loved to have been there!


  1. It does look like lots of fun.

    My son is getting married in Miami this spring. Your pictures have inspired me to go on o boat ride when I am there.

  2. I checked out Silver Springs on the internet and it looks like a pretty good time. They have glass bottom boats that you can take down the river and check out the underwater life.

  3. Mr. PJM,

    I've enjoyed the Florida Swamp pictures this week also, very much; thank you!

    Besides those things you mentioned in the background, there are also a bunch of barrels on the deck of that building.

  4. There is a small wooden shack that appears to have tracks running right to the front door. Also, I Googled the name of the boat and found out it is an inboard paddle wheeler. By setting the paddle wheel inside the hull of the ship it is less likely to become clogged from swamp vegetation.

  5. Interesting picture, thanks.

  6. I live in Florida and can only imagine how hot & humid it was then.
    Swamp & no air conditioning.
    Had to be some mighty stout people living there in the summer.

  7. Another interesting photo, PJM. With the reflections on the water and steam being released from various sources, it makes for a unique composition. Thanks for a fun week.
    -Anne K.

  8. it shameful how silver springs is no longer an attraction, what a waste of beauty and fun here in ocala


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