Monday, April 8, 2013

Milking Cow

To me, this picture is so interesting that it almost looks fake, like it is out of a movie or something. But, in fact, it is a real picture taken in 1900 showing two girls milking a cow. It looks like the family lives in the mountains in a log cabin with a sod roof. The interesting thing is how rugged the conditions look, yet how neatly dressed the kids are. 


  1. Very nice photo; it does look like a movie set. I wonder if the children had on their "Sunday best" for the photo? Even the cow looks clean! LOL
    -Anne K.

  2. They are , indeed, neatly dresed but I also note a small amount of dirt around the bottom hemline. Most people today can hardly stand to walk off th sidewalk due to the dirt and wet grass issues but getting off the path has caused a number of crimes to be perpetrated on some of them.

    My uncles ranchin in Sierra Blance , where I spent 3 summers, had no electricity and hardly any road. We did dress well in Levis a good long sleeved shirt and quality mexican boots. It seems like appearance was important in the 50s everywhere I went. Today, the dress looks like the way city-people dress. That is to say pretty sloppy.

  3. When I get too stressed from life in the city I go to the edge of the wilderness and spend a few nights in a rustic cabin. Even though there's no one to see me I like to change out of my well worn work clothes and put on new clean jeans and a crisp flannel shirt, sit on the porch and listen to nature. Two days on the Cache le Poudre River and I am restored.

    This is a wonderful photo. It evokes some of the feelings I get at the cabin.

    On a different note, as interesting as church community can be I still find myself closer to God in the woods. I pray better there and find refreshment.


  4. I never dressed that nice to milk the goats.


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