Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Milk Delivery

New Orleans Week continues with this fine picture of a Milk Delivery cart. The picture was taken in 1903.. It looks to me like the horse is a little on the thin side. I am not a horse expert, but it looks like his ribs are showing.


  1. The horse does look skinny.

    The wrought iron work on the balcony is beautiful.

  2. Lots of beautiful detail in this photo, PJM. From the thin horse and his tack, the lovely old street lamp, the intricate iron work, and the cobblestone street. Thanks for sharing.
    -Anne K.

  3. Everything about this picture is great. Love the streets with those big square cut stones and the Milk Cart. Tis is one of those pictures that you could stare at for a-while and see all kinds of things.

  4. He is a tad on the thin side but not bad. A good weight will index will be where you can just barely see or feel their ribs. I will say that the bridle is adjusted too tight and pulling at his mouth, which I'll bet was very uncomfortable for him. Although back then horses were just another tool, so not many people worried about their comfort. Another thing to consider is that in those days money was tight for someone like this, so better to feed your horse just a tad less so he has food everyday, than to fatten him up, only to have him run out food in harder times.
    I'll bet he didn't stay sound on his front feet for too long.

  5. When I was little, the milkman still came to my grandma's house, though he was driving a truck, mind you!


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