Saturday, April 20, 2013

Levee at New Orleans

Welcome to New Orleans Week here at OPOD. We will spend the week looking at old scenes in and around New Orleans. We start with this picture of cotton being loaded onto steamboats for transport at the Levee in New Orleans. The picture was taken around 1890.


  1. Its hard to tell are they loading or unloading? looks like the river in the backgound. getting up that incline must have been a chore the way the one fellow is realing having to push.

  2. OH, Lordy, My aching back. I hated picking cotton as a teenager back in 1950.

  3. Nowdays, the bales are about 40' long and 7' tall. They are hauled by 18 wheelers to the gin for processing or storage. An amazing change in handling these important products.


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