Thursday, April 11, 2013

Husked Corn

Today's picture comes from Maryland, and was taken in 1937. A farmer can be seen gathering up his husked corn to bring in. The corn appears to be dried already, so I wonder if the corn was left on the stalks in the field to dry.


  1. Back where I live in Iowa once every year they used to hire corn huskers. As I remember it paid quite well

  2. The answer to that is, Yes. As a teenager, in the late 40's and early 50's, we lived on a farm in East Texas. We kids worked in the fields all summer and a few weeks after school started. We hoed cotton and corn, then picked it later. We got $4.00 a day. My father was a carpenter, but my mom had us working, she took the money we earned to buy our school clothes. We got to keep half of what we earned on Saturday morning, but we had to buy a pair of socks or underwear. We would go to the movies, buy comic books, or whatever. A couple of dollars went a long way back then.


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